Image of God / צלם אלהים / Tzelem Elokim


Return, return to your origin of spirit
Created in the image of God
Each limb a part of the Divine design
Your soul a gift of breath from God on high

להחזירו לקדמותו הרוחנית

נוצר בצלם אלהים

אברי האדם הם חלקי חכמה עליונים

ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים


L'hachziro l'kadmuto haruchanit

Notzar b'Tzelem Elokim

Avrei ha'adam heim chelkei chochma elyonim

v'yipach b'apo nishmat chayyim

Text Source

Adapted by Judith Golden from The Hidden Light Ohr HaTzafun Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Findel The Alter of Slabodka
Translated and Annotated by Avi Fertig and Alan Morinis
Chapter 3, The Spiritual Light in the Body


שֶׁהֲרֵי עִיקָר הַצֶּלֶם וְהַדְּמוּת 
הָעֶלְיוֹן הֵן פְּעֻלּוֹתָיו

רְצוֹנִי הַסַּבְלָנוּת
וְעִם כָּל זֹאת לֹא יֶאֱסֹף טוֹבָתוֹ


Sheh-har-ei i-kar ha-tze-lem v’ha-d’mut 
ha-el-yon hein p’u-lo-tav

R’tzo-ni ha-sav-la-nut
V’im kol zot lo yeh-eh-sof to-va-to

Remember your essence, the likeness of G-d,
Make your actions like the Holy One.

Whatever comes your way,
Don’t withhold your goodness.


“For the essential aspect of the Supernal ‘Form’ and ‘Likeness’ is that they are the deeds of the Holy One, …”
“ … namely, tolerance. Even when he is insulted … he should not withdraw his benevolence …”

Text Source

Tomer Devorah, Chapter 1 Introduction and Section 1