Reflection for Rosh Chodesh Sivan

By Judith Golden

We have been counting the days since we were lead out of Egypt
Out of slavery into freedom
Out of narrow places into possibilities.

In a few days we will arrive at Mount Sinai to receive the Torah
To receive revelation
To receive our law with obligations and codes for living.

This time of counting the Omer -- 
The time between the early harvest of basic barley 
     and the sustaining harvest of refined wheat
A time between receiving physical freedom 
     and receiving the spiritual freedom of revelation and purpose

An anxious time.
Will the harvest be abundant enough to sustain us?
Will revelation come to us?  Will we be open to receive it?

As we journey
We leave much behind
     The comfort of the known, 
          no matter how oppressive or difficult
     The home we have known, 
          no matter how limited or out of our control.  
We are led by a partner we cannot see
     Into a land and a life we have trouble imagining.

With each step we are challenged
To allow faith
To develop trust
To keep following and refining
To stay open to receive
To grow into the consciousness of possibility
And celebrate first fruits.

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