Reflection for Rosh Chodesh Shevat

By Judith Golden


Cycle Designer
You call us

       To lighten our heavy heartedness
       As sunshine begins to linger longer
       Occasionally teasing us with spring-like breezes

Divider and Pourer of Waters
You call us

       To merge with life’s flow
       As icicles drip and snow begins to melt
       And life-giving liquid begins to quicken its winter-slowed flow through the earth

Turner of Seasons
You call us

       To turn from pondering last year’s bounty 
       To prepare for coming fruit
       As trees ready themselves for their new growth
       Reminding us of the righteousness of faith in the future

It is time to plan our gardens
And inside
To plant the most tender seeds 
Seeds of our own freedom
Parsley to be harvested at Pesach




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