Reflection for Rosh Chodesh Nisan

By Judith Golden


Clinging to Mitzrayim
Comfortable with known boundaries
The coziness of limited choice
Feeling safe within oppressive beliefs

Resenting change
Time marching, others moving on
Not wanting to be left behind, alone
Life cannot be what it was

Viewing the path
Through narrow lenses blind to possibility
Deaf to opportunity
Sealed off by fear

Stepping forward
Struggling with phantom chains
Gone long ago
Yet lingering still

Stepping forward
With heavy heart and labored breath
Leaving behind what was and what can never be
Pushed by fear, and pulled by desire

Stepping forward
Reaching out for connection
With my guide, with my God
With the context of my being

Stepping forward
Realizing I am not alone
We are together 
On a journey

Turning toward freedom
We will cross the sea without being swallowed
To find and be our true selves
To understand and be a community
To love and serve Life


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